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In 1841 J. Forbes and John William Kaye said the following with reference to the Jadoons who lived in the tribal areas outside the limits of British India.

"The Jadoons are not British subjects, though they inhabit a portion of the district called Hazara. They inhabit a portion of the frontier below, that is south of the Hussanzye tribe, lying on the right bank of the Indus, and opposite to the British town of Tarbeyla. Westward their territory extends till it meets the higher ranges of the Hindu Kush. The Mahabun mountain, with its dense forest, lies within their boundary, and the whole tract is wild and rugged in an almost inconceivable degree. Though the Jadoons accompanied the Yousufzies when they descended from Kabul in the fifteenth century, and conquered and occupied the valley of Peshawar, they claim to have an independent origin, and are separate from the Yousufzies. The Jadoons have spread into the neighbouring district of Hazara, and now form one of the strongest tribes of that province, occupying the central portion; their villages lying from 1,500 to 6,000 feet above the plains of the Indus."

(Source: Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register for the British and Foreign India, China, and Australasia. Vol.XXXV-New Series, May–August, 1841)

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