AMIRA JADOON, PH.D.                                                                    آمیرا جدون




Peer-Reviewed Publications



  • Victor Asal and Amira Jadoon. 2019. "When Women Fight: Unemployment, Territorial Control and the Prevalence of Female Combatants in Insurgent Organizations." Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict. Online First.


  • Brandon Behlendorf,  Amira Jadoon and Samantha Penta. Accepted. “Rivalry and Recovery: The Social Consequences of Climatic Hazards in Rural India.” International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction.


  • Amira Jadoon and Daniel Milton. 2019. "Strength from the Shadows? How Shadow Economies Affect Terrorist Activities." Studies in Conflict and Terrorism. Online First


  • Amira Jadoon. 2019. “Playing Dirty to Survive: the Vulnerability of Civilian Targets within U.S. Military Aid Recipients." Small Wars & Insurgency 30(3): 587-614


  • Bryan Early and Amira Jadoon. 2019. Forthcoming. “Using the Carrot as the Stick: U.S. Foreign Aid and the Effectiveness of Sanctions Threats.” Foreign Policy Analysis.


  • Amira Jadoon. 2018. "Persuasion and Predation: The Effects of U.S Military Aid and International Development Aid on Civilian Killings." Studies in Conflict and Terrorism 41(10).  


  • Victor Asal, Amira Jadoon, Nolan Fahrenkopf, and Injeong Hwang. 2018. “Prisoners At Midnight: Hypotheses Testing Simulation.” European Political Science 17(4): 621-633. 


  • Bryan Early and Amira Jadoon. 2016. “Do Sanctions Always Stigmatize? The Effects of Economic Sanctions on Foreign Aid.” International Interactions 42(2).




Research Reports and Other Publications


  • Amira Jadoon and Andrew Mines. September 2019. " Taking Aim: Islamic State Khorasan's Leadership Losses." CTC Sentinel 12:8. Access here.


  • Andrew Mines and Amira Jadoon. October 2019. "Islamic State Affiliate Seeks to Expand in Afghanistan." Lawfare. Access here


  • Amira Jadoon. December 3, 2018. "Allied and Lethal: The Islamic State Khorasan's Network and Organizational Capacity in Afghanistan and Pakistan. West Point, NY: Combating Terrorism Center. Access report here


  • Amira Jadoon and Sara Mahmood. December 2018. " Fixing the Cracks in the Pakistani Taliban's Foundation: TTP's Leadership Returns to the Mehsud Tribe." CTC Sentinel 11:11. Access here.


  • Amira Jadoon. September 10, 2018. "Militant Landscape, Tactics and Pakistan's War  on Terror." Pakistan Politico. Access here

  • Amira Jadoon, Nakissa Jahanbani, and Charmaine Willis. April 2018. " Challenging the ISK Brand in Afghanistan-Pakistan: Rivalries and Divided Loyalties." CTC Sentinel 11:8. Access here.

  • Amira Jadoon. February 9, 2018. "An Idea or a Threat? Islamic State in Jammu and Kashmir." Combating Terrorism Center Perspectives. CTC Article


  • Amira Jadoon and Sara Mahmood. September 14, 2017. "Militant Rivalries Extend to Female Recruitment in Pakistan." Combating Terrorism Center Perspectives. CTC Article


  • Amira Jadoon. 2012. “Effect of Tenure Legalization on Squatter Settlements: Pakistan Squatter Settlement Case Study”.  World Bank – Online Library. Access here. 


  • Amira Jadoon. 2011. "What are Imran's Chances?" The News International Blog. Access here.



Articles Under Review


  • Amira Jadoon. Revise & Resubmit. “ U.S Military Aid and Conflict Severity.”


  • Ashley Fox, Amira Jadoon and Hina Khalid. “Urban and Rural Divides: Ethnicity and Public Service Provision.”


  • Amira Jadoon, Nakissa Jahanbani,  Julia Lodeon and Charmaine Willis. "The Women of Islamic State- South East Asia."


Working Papers



  • Amira Jadoon and Bryan R. Early. “Economic Statecraft & State Repression.”

  • Victor Asal, Amira Jadoon, Michael Greig and Christopher Linebarger. " Violent Extremist Groups and  Target Selection."


  • Amira Jadoon and Hina Khalid. "Political Violence and Health Security."


  • Victor Asal, Amira Jadoon and Noah Bluestone. “Transition and Terrorism.”













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