AMIRA JADOON, PH.D.                                                                    آمیرا جدون


Book Manuscripts


  • (2021, under contract). "Pledging Allegiance: the Islamic States’ Global Provinces in Comparative Perspective." Columbia University Press. Co-authored with Daniel Milton and Jason Warner.

  • (2022, under contract). "Understanding Islamic State Khorasan's Resiliency." Lynne Rienner. Co-authored with Andrew Mines.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles


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Research Reports and Policy Publications

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Articles Under Review

  • Amira Jadoon, Nakissa Jahanbani and Emma Fructman, "Alliances, Rivalries and State Sponsorship."

  • Amira Jadoon and Hina Khalid, "Terrorism and Health Security." 


  • Ashley Fox, Amira Jadoon and Hina Khalid. “Urban and Rural Divides: Ethnicity and Public Service Provision.”


  • Amira Jadoon and Bryan R. Early. “Economic Statecraft & State Repression.”


  • Amira Jadoon, "Foreign Aid as a Counterterrorism Tool," In The Handbook of the Economics of Terrorism, edited by Atin Basuchoudhary and Gunther G. Schulze. Cambridge University Press.


Working Papers


  • Amira Jadoon, Andrew Mines and Daniel Milton, "Leader Decapitation and its Short-term Effects."

  • Amira Jadoon, Duncan Walker and Caleb Lucas, "Tactics, Targets and State Legitimacy in Afghanistan."


  • Amira Jadoon. "Militant Cooperation: Tactical Convergence or Divergence?"

  • Amira Jadoon. "U.S. Sanctions and Sectoral Aid."

  • Amira Jadoon and Richard Yon, "Explaining the Counterterrorism Choices of U.S. Presidents."